Merge Client

A new facility is available to merge client records.

This can be useful for any number of reasons, such having duplicate client files in the system or one of your clients buys out another.

Merging client records starts will take all of the client contacts and notes and merge them into the target client. The original client is then removed from the database.

First of all in view clients you need to select the client that you wish to merge – this is the client that will be deleted.

Go into “Details”


At the bottom of the screen is a new “Merge” option.

Merging a client with a client

Then in the “select client” box, start typing in the name of the ‘target’ client and select them from the drop down menu.


Once selected, double check you have the correct client, click the “Merge” button and click the “OK” button on the pop up dialogue box.


Once this is done, all the notes and contacts will appear on the target client and the merged client will be removed.


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