Tweet Job Feature

Another new time saving feature is the ability to tweet out jobs with a link back to either the eBoss job page, your own web site or a template website provided by us.

A new icon will now appear adjacent to each job in the job grid view


Clicking this icon, will open up a twitter dialogue of prompt you to log into twitter


At this point you can add hashtags or adjust the message before clicking ‘Tweet’

If you have integrated eBoss with your website, then you can enter your website domain into the company settings and the tweet link URL will change to your domain

Go to Company Settings via the settings button on your side navigation bar.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and there is a new option to add your Job Web Page URL


Here you enter the landing page location of your main jobs page.

Example :

If you are not sure what that is, look at one of your jobs on your website or the template site you got from eBoss – the URL you need is everything before the /?id=

If you are at all unclear on what to do, get in touch with support and we’ll walk you through setting things up so you can start one click tweeting out jobs in a couple of seconds.



See Full Article : Here Tweet Job Feature

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