EHRC: flexible working agreements as standard | Recruiters Weekly News

A new report suggests that flexible working arrangements may address many of the fundamental inequalities of the workplace. But how can businesses meet the logistical demands of managing a highly flexible workforce? Flexibility as standard The digital age has spawned an abundance of catchy buzzwords – from paperless offices to uberfication – to describe what […]

Towards Transparency

Should workers in unsecured positions have their hourly pay published? Should your old social media posts be used during the interview process? And where in IT can jobs growth be found? Find out the answers in our weekly round-up of recruitment industry headlines. Social media recruitment under the microscope Social media recruitment is a valuable […]

Apps, interactivity, Big Data in recruiting

“Efficiency” was once a euphemism for redundancies. Today, it is far more likely to mean resourcefulness. Being efficient in our modern, digital landscape means finding creative uses for the Big Data that is collected almost as a by-product of everyday activities. Digital Transformation Necessity is the mother of invention – or so the saying goes. […]