Guidance on Legitimate Interest | Recruiters Weekly News

Guidance on Legitimate Interest | Recruiters Weekly News

The UK Information Commissioner’s Office has published guidance on processing data on the grounds of a legitimate interest. The guidelines will assist recruiters as they prepare their legitimate interest assessment.

The UK’s new gender pay gap reporting system appears to have been a success. Response rates have been positive – but are were the right questions being asked?

And good news for Australia’s extroverts: Your communications skills are top of every employer’s list of requirements.

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The Impact of Artificial Intelligence | Recruiters Weekly News

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence | Recruiters Weekly News

This week, the eBoss round-up of the week’s headlines takes a lighter look at the role of artificial intelligence within the recruitment sector.

Will robots put you out of a job?

Or will they kick-start a Gold Rush for skills recruitment in the UK?

We also sift through the mixed data concerning the impact of Brexit on employment.

Will it be a disaster for hiring, or will we muddle through? Nobody seems to know for sure. Read about this ans the rest of our Recruitment news headlines, to find out the full story.

The Value of Life-Long Learning | Recruiters Weekly News

The Value of Life-Long Learning | Recruiters Weekly News

How often are you upskilling? How quickly are your colleagues and co-workers acquiring new abilities? The latest data may come as a surprise.

With automation now a reality across every sector, businesses value candidates who put a priority on life-long learning.

The UK government allocates more money for apprenticeships – despite a fall in interest among young professionals. eBoss asks: are apprenticeships suffering an image crisis?

If apprenticeships struggle because training schemes are seen as a route towards lower earning careers, a new report could dispel that assumption. Industry news website Recruitment Buzz has compiled a list of the top-earning positions that do not require a degree.

And, finally, not all industry analysis is created equal. We consider the accuracy of a report which lists sandwich makers, dog walkers, and football coaches as among the rarest skills in Britain.

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The right tools for the job | Recruiters Weekly News

The right tools for the job | Recruiters Weekly News

Apprenticeship schemes give organisations the chance to develop a workforce that is ideally suited to meeting their own business goals. They also offer young professionals a degree of job security in an age of increasingly unsecured work. So why aren’t they more popular?

As Britain’s apprentice workforce suffers a sharp decline in numbers, eBoss considers some of the factors which may be contributing to the decline.

Also in the headlines this week: Australia re-structures its working visa process, to encourage entrepreneurship. And will recruitment firms feel the sharp end of new financial crime regulations?

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Recruiting Security | Recruiters Weekly News

Recruiting Security | Recruiters Weekly News

Global strategists have outlined the eight vital skills for recruiting security staff, in a new report. If you think you know what those skills are, you could be in for a surprise.

The findings demonstrate the changes to workplace culture that will result from the digital transformation of business. As threats become increasingly sophisticated, data security can only be guaranteed by rethinking the fundamental ways we approach our roles. Flexibility and responsiveness are at the fore – and so is having an open mind to new challenges and possibilities.

While cybersecurity professionals will be looking at ways to update their CVs to include these eight new phrases, other sectors are battling a skills gap of their own. In Britain, the educational authorities are stepping in to address the hiring crisis in classrooms. As teacher intake and retention levels both fall dangerously low, Ofsted is looking to training centres to boost recruitment. But will the new initiative improve outcomes? Or is it simply a way to spread the blame when performance targets are missed?

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The Legitimate Interest Assessment Pack

The Legitimate Interest Assessment Pack

New rules on processing personal data have left recruiters confused about their GDPR obligations. But is it really necessary to re-paper an entire database of existing clients?

Perhaps not.

However: if you do not seek consents, you may be required to prove your reasoning. A Legitimate Interest may be a commercial incentive; it may be a data subject’s expectations. Whatever it may be, if you can demonstrate a legitimate interest for processing, and you are able to show an equal balance of power between the data subject and your business, you might be able to proceed without consents.

The Legitimate Interest Assessment pack guides you through this process. It is not legal advice; it is a workflow that focuses your own decision-making.

report-picPrint out the forms, follow the step-by-step assessment and, at the end, you will have a report which can demonstrate your data compliance to clients, customers, and local authorities. You do not need any specialist technical or legal know-how. Just a good understanding of your own business.

Download the Legitimate Interest Assessment here.

Data: a legitimate interest for agencies | Recruiters Weekly News

Data: a legitimate interest for agencies | Recruiters Weekly News

With new privacy laws on the horizon, it has never been more important to know the correct way to handle a data breach. If you find yourself on the wrong side of the law, there could be hefty fines to pay.

The EU has issued new GDPR guidelines to help organisations understand their obligations. For recruitment agencies – handling thousands of points of data every day – the report should be compulsory reading.

eBoss has been at the forefront of delivering support to the recruiting sector in relation to GDPR compliance. This week we published a new Legitimate Interest Assessment Pack, to help businesses bring existing databases into compliance with the changing laws. You can download our free GDPR resources here.

Diversity has long been seen as a key factor in profitability and innovation, among top tier enterprises. This week we see how low diversity could hinder Australia’s imminent agri boom, and examine the reason why some companies are still asking women if they are pregnant in interviews.

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