Apps, interactivity, Big Data in recruiting

“Efficiency” was once a euphemism for redundancies. Today, it is far more likely to mean resourcefulness. Being efficient in our modern, digital landscape means finding creative uses for the Big Data that is collected almost as a by-product of everyday activities. Digital Transformation Necessity is the mother of invention – or so the saying goes. […]

Soft skills and respect: the secret to success

Your workplace culture is more important to the success of your business than you may realise. Among the stories making the headlines for recruiters this week were reports into the significance of respect and how soft skills will matter most for tomorrow’s recruits. Improve your work-life balance: expert advice for recruiters The world of recruitment […]

Automation, gamification, AI and monetising the CV: the future of recruitment?

This week’s news round-up has a futuristic feel as we take a look at some of the ways the recruitment experience will change to meet the demands of tomorrow’s world: from artificial intelligence to creative interviews; to candidates trading their CV as a commodity. “Fourth industrial revolution” boosts Australian tech Automation will create new opportunities […]

SMEs, Stress in the workplace and Skilled Communication

Brexit negotiations will continue to generate headlines until a settlement is reached but, in Australia, new visa restrictions are causing some similar doubts in the nation’s own recruitment market. And do you work in one of the UK’s most stressful regions? Brexit impact on SME recruitment Another voice from the recruitment industry has expressed concern […]