Are recruiters liable for IR35 tax contributions? | Recruiters Weekly News

are recruiters liable for ir35 tax status?

Are Recruiters Liable for IR35? | Recruiters Weekly News

New findings suggest that the government’s official employment status test is seriously flawed. It leaves agencies unsure about their exposure to IR35 tax changes.
capita profits warning down graph

Capita Profits Fall | Recruiters Weekly News

Professional services group Capita saw its profits slump in the first half of 2018

hard to fill jobs

The toughest vacancies for recruiters to fill | Recruiters Weekly News

American jobs market data reveals the ten trickest roles to fill in the States. Does the list paint a familiar picture for Britain’s recruiters?


Full Disclosure in the Privacy Age | Recruiters Weekly News

legal guidance for recruiters

Legal Guidance for recruiters | Recruiters Weekly News

GDPR panic has left many recruiters unsure of precisely what data they should share with clients about their candidates. However, a recent court case has provided some timely guidelines for agencies.

recruitment growth guide

Bootstrap Recruitment | Part 2: Expert Insights

In the second part of our recruitment agency growth guide, we take a free consultation with industry expert Warren Kemp. Find out how his theories have shaped our growth guide for the future.

wealth map uk

Is Your City Underpaid? | Recruiters Weekly News

Which British cities see themselves as being underpaid? Which cities are actually underpaid? And why the discrepancy?

data security for recruitment gdpr

PageUp Data Breach Rumbles On | Recruiters Weekly News

“Change your passwords!” Officials are helpless to respond as yet another governmental department falls foul of the PageUp data breach.


Bootstrap Recruitment Agency Growth Guide 2018

Bootstrap Recruitment Agency Growth Guide 2018

How does an agency attain growth in a competitive market? Which growth strategy fits your business? Which do not? And what tools, talents, and expertise do you need to have on-board to really make it in recruiting today?

eBoss seeks to answer all of these questions, in our forthcoming ebook, Bootstrap Recruitment: your blueprint for agency growth.

Want to find out more?

Read part one of the free extract here.

APSCo, IR35, Google, and Brexit | Recruiters Weekly News July 27 2018

Top recruitment news stories of the week:


APSCo Steps in to IP35 Debate | Recruiters Weekly News

APSCo has entered the debate on IR35 tax status, ahead of planned changes by the governemnt. Is the private sector ready to absorb the impact of new legislation?


Resources to assist Britain’s EU Workforce | Recruiters Weekly News

The Home Office has issued new support and guidance for EU citizens working in the UK post-Brexit. With employers and organisations expected to “do their bit” to assist those affected, we have tracked down the resources you will need.


Britain next to get Google for Jobs | Recruiters Weekly News

Internet monolith Google will be bringing their Jobs service to the UK. Which industry names are already onboard? How will this change the recruiting landscape of the UK?

Welcome to the flexible workforce

Welcome to the flexible workforce

• Those appointed to roles in the tech sector can expect to become part of Britain’s most flexible workforce. But what can recruiters learn from the technologists, as they nurture key talent?

• Australian enterprise could be leaving money on the table, because they are ignoring big data analytics. With fewer skilled workers in the field, what could recruiters do to resolve the problem?

• The latest employment data report by the ONS highlights the extent of Britain’s skills gap. Is a crisis looming for Britain’s recruiters?

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Making the grade in recruitment | Recruiters weekly news

Making the grade in recruitment  | Recruiters weekly news

• How valuable are qualifications in the hiring process? Do enterprises have other priorities beyond experience and a proven track record? A new study could provide a useful lesson for recruitment agencies that still rely on exam grades.

• When Britain leaves the EU, there will be dramatic changes across many industries. But who will win – and who will lose out – in post-Brexit Britain?

• As recruiters struggle to attract talent to several vital industries, one expert has blamed media scare stories about job security. We ask: is Australia  wrong to be so pessimistic about automation?

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UK recruitment: ‘world’s most competitive market’

UK recruitment: ‘world’s most competitive market’

• Chinese talent giants Career International have described Britain as the world’s most sophisticated and competitive recruitment market ahead of a multimillion pound acquisition.

• The High street has been hit hard by economic downturn, and competition from the web. eBoss examines the figures and sees why recruitment has stalled for Britain’s retailers.

• The GDPR has its first test case: and it is within the recruiting industry. Find out who has been affected, now that the PageUp data breach has finally reached the UK.

• Was Australia’s skills gap: a myth all along? Data from multiple sources suggests that the nation is not struggling with skills as some reports might suggest.

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